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Available for ages 16 and over (including all adults), our online masterclasses offer workshops taught by award-winning industry experts. Whether you’re looking to get into screenwriting, West End musicals, television and more, our affordable, accessible and creative courses are a great way to pick up new skills or broaden your repertoire. Why not book one today?

Click on the links below to find out more about each Masterclass.

Script and Screenwriting for Beginners

Got a story to tell but don’t know where to start? Learn tricks of the writing trade from acclaimed Northern scripwriter, Alex Keelan

Acting for Camera Masterclass

Learn the skills necessary for award-winning camera performances from television actor, David Gregan-Jones 

Television Audition Masterclass 

Perform for feedback from one of the UK’s most in-demand TV directors, Ruth Carney

Singing for Wellbeing Masterclass 

Supercharge your voice and mental health with vocal specialist, Cat Ogden

Showtunes Masterclass

Learn how to belt our Broadway-ready vocals live from your living room with vocal specialist, Cat Ogden

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