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Acting for Camera Masterclass

Led by television director Ruth Carney and actor David Gregan-Jones, students will prepare and work on monologues, duologues and scenes from a range of television, commercial and film genres.


Topics covered include:


  • Gaining confidence on camera

  • Practicing ‘performing’ in front of the group

  • Overcoming nerves and performance anxiety

  • Various techniques to improve performance

  • Testing out different characters

  • Gaining on-screen body and facial awareness

  • Emotional continuity

  • Exploring fundamental acting exercises from a variety of acting practitioners – to include a focus on developing imagination and creating believable screen performances

  • Developing an understanding of the technical aspects of shooting a scene and how this affects performing as the character


Three hour Zoom workshop (times TBC)

January 2022 (exact date TBC)

Suitable for ages 16-Adult

Cost £65 (Masterclass bundle available – this Masterclass and ‘Television Audition’ Masterclass available for £100.)

To book or to find out more, please contact us here.

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