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Singing for Wellbeing Masterclass

Singing has been proven to lower stress, boost immunity and lung function, enhance memory and improve wellbeing, which ultimately leads to better physical and emotional health.


Led by professional singer and mental health vocal coach Cat Ogden, this Masterclass will get you singing, breathing and vocalising, whilst teaching you tools and tips on how to use your voice to power your wellbeing.


Topics covered include:


  • Why and how singing is good for you

  • The voice and everyday self-care

  • Breath and vocal techniques – including SOVTs which have been proven to help with anxiety

  • Understanding emotions and links with the voice

  • Practical exploration of all of the above through song and singing


Two hour Zoom workshop

20th April 2022


Suitable for ages 15-Adult


None Carney students - £55

Current Carney Students - £45

To book or to find out more, please contact us here.

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